Saturday, December 25, 2010

Top Reissues of 2010

It's always interesting to take another look at our favorite albums. It's like revisiting with an old friend. But maybe that friend has had some work done? Well here are the six friends who won't have to get their face lifts fixed by another surgeon next year:

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers - Damn The Torpedoes
The production team that brought us TP’s Live Anthology put together a nice bag of goodies to go along with the remastered edition of this classic rock album. Demos, live tracks, b sides, and a few tunes that didn’t make the final cut are represented on the bonus disc. Never one to disappoint his fans, Tom made sure that the buyer had plenty of options, even going as far as releasing a blu-ray version. Full speed ahead, Mr. Petty.

Miles Davis - Bitches Brew 40th
When it comes to fusion jazz, Miles pretty much wrote the book with this one. This classic celebrated it’s 40th birthday in 2010, and the reissue friendly folks at Sony weren’t going to let that slip by quietly. For the casual listener who isn’t quite willing to go for broke and get Sony’s wonderful 1998 box set, The Complete Bitches Brew Sessions but want a little something more than the 1999 remastered CD has to offer, this is for you. Featuring 3 discs of original mixes, bonus tracks, single edits, concert recordings, commentary and much much more. You can’t go wrong with this bitch.

R.E.M. - Fables of The Reconstruction
Already moving away from their ‘Indie hero’ status, the band followed up Murmer and Reckoning with what might as well be a concept album. What’s most appealing about this reissue is the second disc which is chock full of original demos. It’s very amusing to take note of the changes the songs went through on the journey from Athens, Georgia to London, England. Plus we finally get to hear that “When I Was Young” song that appeared on the track lineup in the liner notes when originally released (but frustratingly, not the original album). It’s title on the reissue is “Throw Those Trolls Away”.

Come And Get It - The Best of Apple Records
Not a reissue per say, but a very nice compilation of the fabs’ ground breaking record label’s output from inception to demise. Featuring folk, rock, Buddhist chants, Cajun jive, gospel, and even the brilliant absurdest novelty “King of Fuh” (Fuh King... get it??), this collection like the label itself has something for everybody all in one place.

John Lennon - The Remasters
For the past decade, most of John Lennon’s available catalog was digital remixes created under Yoko Ono’s supervision to appeal to the younger CD buying public who were discovering John’s music for the first time. Lennon devotees and purists cried foul. Yoko answered their cries in 2010 with the remastering of John Lennon’s entire original catalog. The team who remastered The Beatles’ albums for 2009 were brought back to do the same with Lennon’s original mixes. In addition, Double Fantasy, the last album Lennon would see released in his all too short lifetime, was treated to a special “Stripped Down” remix. This allowed listeners to hear this amazing album in a completely new way. The AOR production was whittled away to reveal the bare foundation, often with overwhelmingly emotional results.

Paul McCartney - Band on The Run
[MPL/Hear Music]
What can I say?! The Abbey Road remastering team has really done us fans proud. Finally a great sounding CD version of Band On The Run (that we can afford, that is). Not only that, but the package itself is superb. In addition to the original album, you get bonus tracks, behind the scenes footage, unseen photographs, original promo films (or music videos as they’re called today), and Paul’s One Hand Clapping TV special (also faithfully restored). In case you missed it, McCartney went all out promoting this reissue by briefly having Sirius-XM devote an entire channel to his music, playing exclusive concerts, and making a personal appearance on Saturday Night Live. Macca Mania!

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